Lost Words of a Painter

she paints pictures with words that refuse to rhyme and the dried acrylic always gets caught in her throat when she tries to speak she dips all her pencils in paint and writes down everything she cannot say in hopes that someone will see that they will understand the art she tries to display in museums that only pay mind to […]

Constructed Destruction

she spent years in construction learning how to design and blueprint and build from scratch. she donned her bright yellow hardhat each morning and set out towards the forest where she constructs towering walls made of red brick–a vivid speck among dense green. her work almost done, she branded herself alone; no one could get […]

Caught in Headlights

here is the poem that ‘Headlights’ is based on which can be found here A deer caught in headlights in the middle of the night–– frozen in fear for its inevitable fate; the screeching of tires on wet asphalt is the brief warning Before the lights become too big and too bright. But to the […]


this is a short story based on my poem ‘Caught in Headlights’ which can be found here It is one A.M on a freeway up north where the trees sing quiet hymns and the stars dance above them in the inky sky. On the graveled path along the old, broken road a deer walks alone. […]

micro poem #2

The stars whisper secrets with just a flick of a switch; they twinkle and dance and give you a minute to wish. You wish for the rain and the storm and the thunder but it’s midnight and windy so you wait and you wonder. It howls as it begs for the dying stars to fall. […]


there is a fire in his eyes unlike anything ever seen before. white-hot light of the brightest stars; exploding with such passion and power and strength that he dares not look anyone in the eye, for fear they will go blind. no wonder his downfall is an extraordinary affair; he is a supernova–collapsing in on […]