A Loss

So a friend passed away two weeks ago. D, who my last poem was dedicated to, came into program after I did. And he was one of the main reasons that I stayed. Here I was, a 20 year old with severe social anxiety thrust into a group therapy program where you’re surrounded by people […]

Power Outage

For D- Light goes out. Shockwaves are felt across oceans. Laughter haunts empty, silent halls. Sunglasses fall over tired eyes. Thunder shakes the foundations of broken homes and rain finds ways to fall through the cracks. Lightning strikes a heart, a soul, a memory. His voice left to drift in the bitter winter wind. Yet […]

The Lion

For L- His shutdowns are quiet; slow; subtle. He hides his eyes so they don’t betray him. “Lions are supposed to be brave,” he thinks. “So what the fuck?” He wonders where his courage goes when his brain flicks on and the tape begins to play and the thoughts begin to consume– he never gets […]

Star Terrors

The cries that escape my throat are tainted with the blood of my heartache and the tears I shed are no longer rain. It’s no longer beautiful at night when it pitter patters on my pillows. The stars that should litter the night sky are no longer visible as my mind steals them one by […]

The Butterfly

for T– She never believed in the ability to change. She was a caterpillar in a world of moths; fluttering around a single bright light while she climbs mountains that are mole hills. She looks at them and wishes she could just float above to be warmed by the light. She is so cold under […]


Sinking, sinking, drowning. Drowning in her thoughts. Thoughts of desperation. Desperate for love. Love escapes her grasp. Grasping for answers. Answers never seem to come. Coming home to an empty house. House is not a home. Home isn’t where the heart is. Is there a place for her heart? Heartbreak over and over. Overwhelmed by […]